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This is just a small taste of the roads we traveled on

Roadside stand

Local color

Our accomodations

Almost a full moon

Departure time: 0700

Arrival time: 1745

Distance traveled: 265 miles

Staying at: parking lot of school outside of Tehuantepec

Amenities: dry camping for the entire group

We managed to get ourselves out of our ‘jigsaw puzzle’ parking with little difficulty and hit the highway heading out of Villahermosa. The first 130 miles we actually back tracked along roadways we had covered on our drive from Catemaco to Isla Aguada. These were 4 lane toll roads and we actually made pretty good time ( 36 mph in the first 130 miles!)

After leaving the toll roads we continued to travel along some pretty decent 2 lane roadways and stopped for a lunch break at a Pemex (fuel) station at 172 miles into our travels.

After lunch things went to hell. We have actually never been on roads as awful as the ones we traveled over for the next 37 miles - words fail me. One of our group has been traveling to Alaska since the early 60’s and related that the roads there were NEVER as bad as what we traveled this afternoon.

We took a little over 2 hours to travel these 37 miles and then the roads got a little better. We pulled into our camping area and cautiously opened cabinets and doors inside our various RV’s. Everyone came through unscathed but a little worse for the wear.

This is just a ‘pit stop’ on our way to Oaxaca but it does mark our southernmost stop and the completion of our 2571’d mile of travel in Mexico.

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