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This was the campground!

Here's how we ended up.

More of the group

Headed in for a HOT visit

Called the Grandmother ( La Abuela ) this sculpture dates to 700...

This one is the young warrior - dating to 700-600 BC

This one is called the Governor

A coatamundi - there were alot of them in the park and...

This is a triumphal altar

The famous BIG Head - it is one of 3 and was...

Scene outside the park...

Departure time: 0720

Everyone hooked up and actually on the road at: 0840

Arrival time and everyone parked at: 1300

Distance traveled: 98 miles

Staying at: El Gordo Trailer Park, Villahermosa

Amenities: none for us - dry camping once again

It was time to leave our home in the jungle. Little did we know it would take well over an hour to get everyone out of the ‘campground’ and on the main roadway out of town.

Our arrival in Villahermosa afforded the group with another parking challenge. It seems that the area we had planned on parking in had been turned into a police impound lot. So, it was time once again to park 16 coaches and trailers of various sizes in a very small area. To add to the challenge our campground was located at a large swimming complex which was offering up a 2 for 1 deal. It seemed that most of Villahermosa had decided to use the coupon….

Well, we’ve gotten pretty good at parking and after a little over an hour we managed to squeeze everyone in. Villahermosa is a big city with a fairly large population. The ‘must do’ activity here is the Parque La Venta. This park contains some of the most important artifacts from the Olmec culture. They were moved here back in the 1950’s from the village of La Venta to protect them from vandalism.

The Olmec’s flourished over 3200 years ago and many archeologists refer to them as the ‘mother culture of Mesoamerica‘. The Olmecs left behind glyphic writing, the long calendar, a rain deity, the concept of zero and the ball-game. These legacies influenced all subsequent civilizations in Mexico.

I have to tell you that the temperature was in the high 90’s and the humidity was close to 100%, but we only had the one day in Villahermosa and there was no way we were going to miss a visit to Parque La Venta. We loaded up, carpool style, and made the short drive back to town. The visit was definitely worth the heat and sweat.

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