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Chichen Itza temple

Serpent on the temple side

We were awakened by turkey gobbling. When I took Corky out, I discovered that there were 4 tom turkeys doing a unison serenade of our campsite. As we were parked in a very grubby hotel overflow lot, I guess they thought we should upgrade our parking spot. Whatever!

We spent the day touring the famous ruins at Chichen Itza.

Our guide was very philosophical about the popular legends of human sacrifice and it's place at Chichen Itza. The tour was good, but very hot. It is no longer possible to climb the main temple, but it turned out that if you slipped the guide and his buddies $100 US they could make it happen. We passed.

The night light show was really good. It helped to see the serpent descending the temple.

We celebrated Valentines with dinner out at what may turn out to be the best restaurant we find in Mexico.

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