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Horse drawn train

swimming in the cenote

Narrow Roads

With another RV, we decided to take the road less traveled today. We pulled out before the caravan and traveled to Acanceh where the city is literally build on the ruins. We were guided to 3 sites by a young man who, despite no Engish, gave us a great explanation of the area.

From there we went further back into the country, and ended up on roads so narrow that the outside rear tires on the RV were on both the right and left shoulder, even though it was a 2 way street.

Passing vehicles was a real challenge. But after a bit we found what we were looking for, the cenote in Cuzama!

The cenotes are underground waterholes, generally attached to the underground rivers. Most of the Yucatan and Quintana Roo states are on top of a limestone slab, and there is no ground water. All the water flows to the Gulf underground.

In the Cuzama area, the hacienda owners had build a narrow guage railroad into the back country to bring out the crops. The rail cars are towed down the track by small horses.

Now this railroad is used to transport tourists, who can find the location, 9 kilometers into the country to visit 3 cenotes. We climbed a steep wooden stairway down into the first. The water was very clear, and turquoise in color. There was no current, so we went in for a swim. It was great.

The second and third cenotes were not as nice, but the adventure was great. At the third, entrance was gained by descending a 35 foot wooden ladder, then jumping in from a ledge. As the weather was very hot, you can imaging how refreshing it was.

We arrived at our camp in Chichen Itza late, but with great memories.

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