Feely Family National Vacation 2008-2009 travel blog

Doing bubbles whilst we pack up

Miranda and Josh


Sara, Ashley, Josh and Rhiannon

Miranda surfing!!!

A photo please

Farewell photo

Getting into the car

Miranda ...dirty face again

See I am still cute !!!! Dirty but cute

Wasn't there a Steven King book with a boy who went down...


We all slept in and then Patrick made scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast....very yummy!!!

We packed very slowly and the kids played with the bubble mixture and the other children in the cp. There were heaps of families that all were biking around the area with their children, using tandem bikes.

Miranda used a stake to pretend she was surfing....very strange child we have!!!!

We then said our farewells ....I am the saddest as Ashley is lovely and kept me sane!!!

We drove to Yarram and had some morning tea in the bakery and wandered the street and shops....did a bit of shopping!!!

We then drove on to Sale then to Seaspray where we booked into the one and only caravan park that is on the beach. I made dinner curry and rice and then Sara and I went for a walk. Sean was told of Ronny's that made good coffee so I stopped a local and asked where this cafe was. The gentleman told me that it was back the way I came and then stopped me again to introduce me to Ronny, they were at a 60th birthday. He apologised and said he only opened on long weekends,Easter and Christmas holidays. He then told me it is not a cafe it is just that he makes some scones etc and uses his coffee machine!!!

So no coffee!!!

There is a corner shop and they close at 5.30pm!!!

We had dinner and an early night but was woken by Sara screaming in pain....she got WORMS!!!!

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