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The motorcycle police

Sheriff's dept mounted police

The Sheriff

Pooper scoopers

The Grand Marshalls

Some Irish blarney



Rawhide Baseball team mascot

Red Hat Society

Smokey the Bear

Hooves painted gold

Visitor's trolley

Visalia Rodeo


COE ranger Valerie

Saint Patrick

Low riders


Low rider driven by the undertaker

Restored Fox Theater

Many of these in the landscaping

Lunch spot-we had El Tarasco Temptations

Flowers everywhere

We, or is it, I have fallen into a more casual morning routine. So far that has been the best remedy to structuring the day. Being retired did not come easily to me. Even now I have occassional thoughts of returning to some sense of organized chaosis. My immediate purpose has not been established as yet.

Today I did have a purpose; Be ready to go to the Visalia St. Patrick's Day Parade by 0900. Indeed, what a lovely way to see the mix of people. Walking from the parking space to Main Street, we met up with the town barber of 43 years. In the short two block walk we learned the noterity of the local hospital is heart surgery, he was born in 1933, moved to Visalia from Oklahoma age 3, wife passed away from short bout with cancer eight yrs ago, meeting or watching three grandchildren at the parade, his youngest son is 42 today, a 15 year old grand daughter hurt her knee playing soccer rendering her unable to march today with the band, surgery pending in two weeks, wearing a Med tech brace until that time and lastly he knows towns people. Even I couldn't get a word in edge-wise! The meeting wasn't complete until he proudly presented these family members.

Like many main streets, it has under gone revitalization in recent years. A sense of pride was visible-containers for recycled trash, flowering landscape, easily traversed street corners, extremely clean(no cigarette butts or trash along the way). During the parade an elderly lady commentated for us. Her information was enlightning. She, too, knew many including their "story". All of this added color to the morning.

Farmer's Market was held in the same general area. We perused the streets for 3 or 4 blocks each way in search of the best lunch spot. Sure enough, we selected by menu! An appetizer serving two included grilled prawns, trout, and marinated skirt steak. We gravitate to the Mexican flavor - delicious and just the right amount.

This has been a lazy afternoon. We did a little grocery shopping and truck wash. Corky is messing around outside with the truck and I have been reading in the sun.

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