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evn Rodney (the roadrunner) came

my sweetie

my buddy Joe Patrick

full moon over the Dragoons

me, Glenda and Joe

Dollie and Hank

Gordie, me with gifts

JJ and George


Curt and Marilyn

Ann and Sue


Stan and Hank

my cake

Russ and Sue


Just a quick entry to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.

It was a wonderful day!

It started about a week ago, when Sue started planning a get together. She always spoils me rotten. Getting me all kinds of presents, and not to forget the peanut M&M's. They have a special memory for both of us.

Then, the morning of, all the phone calls. Starting with Pete, who called at 5:00 am. He always wants to be first. He forgot Az. is 2 hours behind Mn. OR MAYBE HE DIDNT FORGET!

That's alright, I slept with the phone right next to me in anticipation. Followed close behind by Steph and Kate (sorry I was in the shower), Eric, La, Newell and Linda, many in the park, and later in the day, another from Eric, Donnie, Vicki, Chris, Joe and Trent. And, an email from Susie. And MANY wishes thru out the day from Sue. Thank you all, I love you all so much!

Sue had a BBQ, it started out being a few people from MN. who are heading home soon, but grew to about 22. We had a great time! And, some gifts from SOME MORE MATURE friends. They were a baby rattle, and a bib that says BORN TO BE WILD. Cause I'm the baby of the group. Aren't I always?

All in all, a great day! Thank you Sue for planning it.

We look forward to seeing Ned and Georgia in a couple days. They are coming down to visit, and then follow us home. We have lots of stuff planned for them.

More later.

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