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We slept great last night and were awake at a decent time this morning. We dressed for the day and went outdoors into the cool, crisp air, which reminded us of being in the Rocky Mountains.

I tried the internet and finally was able to connect long enough to post the two journal entries for the past two days and to send a short e-mail to Jennifer. That was good because I don’t like for her to worry about Mom & Dad.

The restaurant opened for breakfast at 7:30 and we enjoyed a great buffet with all kinds of food including fresh squeezed orange juice and hot coffee.

After breakfast we climbed on board our faithful bus and headed out.

Our first stop today was to see some ruins of the Purepechan society which were much like the Aztecas. The Purepechan tribe were craftsmen in stone and in copper work. Having mastered the art of making weapons they became the only culture outside of the Spanish Conquistadores, to defeat the Aztecas in battle.

Next we went into a small town where we walked around and shopped. Near the central plaza were many varieties of food stand set up and each one offered samples to us. The pulled pork in a peppery sauce was fantastic, as were the coconut desserts.

Leaving this small but beautiful and friendly town, we rode to another town, this time a bit larger, called Patzcuaro.

We walked around, explored a very old church and were involved in a funeral, complete with a mariachi band, etc. Quite an experience!

We then parked near the center of town, across from the main plaza, called Plaza Grande. We ate lunch at a restaurant called the “Patio”, where we sat outdoors, listening to a guitar player as we enjoyed our lunch with a cold beer.

After lunch we walked around the plaza, stopping to buy helados, which is very good here. Helados is ice cream.

We met the bus at the appointed time and then rode to the small town of Santa Clara del Cobre, which is a place where almost the entire population is involved in Copper work. We visited a factory where copper crafts are being made, and watched as the artisans worked on a piece, showing how it is done. A Vase similar to the one they showed us takes eight days to make.

We made a couple of purchases there.

Tired and worn out, we climbed aboard once more and rode back to our hotel for the night.

For 200 pesos each, or about $15.00, we will have a fine dinner and a show, including dancing, etc, beginning at 8:00 PM.

We have had a full day so far and it isn’t over yet. Then, you know us, we just can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store…..

P.S. Just a reminder that we have many pictures to share with you. We will probably wait until we are back in Llano Grande to get them posted. I will let you know and you can check back to the tour entries to look at the photos.

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