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At lunchtime we reached the ancient capital of Siam – Ayutthaya. This was the capital from 1350 until the late 1700’s – overrun twice by Burma but only for short periods.

Ayutthaya is a moated city and contains 300 temples – many in ruins but some preserved or restored to magnificent splendour .

We started at Wat Chaiwatthanaram, built mainly in the Cambodian style with elements of Thai (square turrets) and some Sri Lanakan – round with coil pinnacles).. Built in 1630 as a royal monastry .

Wat Si Samphet or the Royal Palace was our first stop after lunch , built over several dynasties from 1350 onwards.

Phra Mongkonprobhit was originally a forgotten ruin but containing a huge statue of Buddha standing a full 17 metres high. It has now been fully restored and is a fantastic sight as you walk through the entrance way to see this huge statue towering over all around it

Wat Nephrameru houses what is to be considered the finest statue image of Buddha in Thailand – standing 6 metres high, 4.4 metres in width and gilded in pure gold.

A afternoon filled with history, great views of this ancient city and some magnificent buildings. We also saw some elephants being ridden around town and the obligatory tuk –tuks all helping to complete the scene !

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