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Bldg mural in Exeter

Almost missed this one

Another mural


A typical ranch

A closer look


Today was a lazy day. First of all, we stayed up until 1:30 AM Monday night! We haven't been up that late since we were teen-agers(hee!) Awakening at 0830 was a later start than normal. This resulted in being "goofy" 'til we could get with the program. We're on solid ground now-grilled chops and fresh from the field broccoli, a local explorer trip, and showers. There's hope! The Kings Canyon NP is the result of glacial activity. These peaks are high sierra level-above 9,000 feet. Some homework will be necessary prior to returning to the high elevations(assuming the "path" is clear for travel). Hopefully, I have something good to tell you all tomorrow. In June the Kaweah Lake(our campsite) level will be raised two feet at a time. This is the beginning of drought season for the farm operations. In other words, our campsite will be under water. It is both eery and fun walking the lake bottom. Even the horseback riders take advantage of the low lake levels. We visited the COE dam visitor center today. Especially intriguing was studying the bob cat pelt and skull along with "petting" the taxidermy bob cat on display. Remember, we were fortunate enough to sight one yesterday! While walking among the sequoias, we observed a white headed woodpecker. The visitor center display showed how the woodpecker "drills" the tree holes; then storing their food finds-gargantuous cylindrical acorns. On down the road lies a typical St. Joaquin Valley farm town named Exeter. Did you know this valley supplies 67% of the world's food? The town appeared tidy and eclectic! The A&W drive-in called out "share a root beer float". We did.

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