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Jim and Jeanie Long arrive for a few days

When you find something you have been searching for you buy it...

Head repairs

tourists horseback riding on the beach


Having my shoes sized on the street for 20 lemps or $1

Frigate off the coast of Coxen's Hole, Roatan

local restaraunt where we had breaky on my birthday

Steven the "Miracle Man" delivering my new mobile broadband usb modem on...

On the beach in West Bay

West Bay Beach


Charming West Bay resort

West Bay building

Ocean Drive, West Bay

home for now

watching Ronald paint and asking him questions


and amusing myself on the boat, painting in MOTION

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A dingy ride to West Bay Beach

Our 90 day visas were up on March 9th and the Captain set off to Coxen's Hole with our passports to apply for a 90 day extension while I stayed on the boat to write. Several hours later he returned, hot and bothered. The renewal fee of $100 from last year had gone up to $225 this year, a shocking increase. This John had found out after waiting for most of the afternoon for the immigration officer to return from a "meeting". Waiting is a fact of life down here. The Captain is much better at waiting than when I met him years ago but he does have his limits.

The following day we did some investigating and found someone who would renew the visas for $100 each and were thrilled to save the $250. So we are here for another 90 days at least!

Friends Jim and Jeanie Long from Mario's Marina in the Rio came by bus and ferry to visit us and another couple here in Roatan. We met them in French Harbour at the last minute after bad weather headed for West End and enjoyed a great visit.

There is an unspoken rule on a boat that the head (toilet) works just fine until company comes. Actually we did have a hairline crack already but of course it was when we had company that it decided to crap out. I thought I was dreaming one morning when I saw Jim carrying the mop through the boat, but no, he was mopping the floor in the head.

Well, the Captain really can fix anything, including the head, which is now repaired and leak free.

While up in French Harbour we heard about several boaters who had purchased the latest technology, a mobile broadband USB modem for the computer. We called Paradise Computers in Coxen's Hole and were told that they would receive some modems in "next week". Well next week turned into next week...... as it goes down here. However, Steven, the whiz kid who provides a great laundry service for the boaters in French Harbour as well as finding just about anything that anyone needs, apparently had a line on some modems. We called him and he checked with a friend on the mainland who agreed to bring some over on the ferry. We could have it in 2 days, by Friday, or in time for my birthday on Saturday, he told us. I was so excited, it's been a dream of mine to have internet on the boat, even as we travel or anchor.

All day Friday Steven tried to get in touch with the friend and it was about 8 pm by the time we met him in town to install the modem. Our emotions were up and down like a toilet seat all day, as the delivery was on and off and on and off. We were tired after dragging ourselves around Coxen's Hole all afternoon and disappointed when he couldn't get the unit installed. He returned home on his scooter to try to figure it out and we headed back to the boat. Shortly after returning,our phone rang and Steven had solved the problem. We would meet at 7:30 a.m. the next morning. At 7 in the morning the phone rang, he was already in town. We had been up for a while, so we hopped in the dingy and this time, successfully had the unit installed. YES!

Now we have internet wherever we receive a cell phone signal, both here and in the Rio, which means internet ON THE BOAT! This is a major improvement in communications for us, as well as much pleasure and entertainment. What a great birthday gift!

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