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To celebrate my birthday, along with my Aussie friends Matt and Shawn, I took the bus down to Puducherry for the day. The bus station and streets look like any typical Indian town, but take a rickshaw 2knm to the coast and suddenly you are transported to Southern France, with a wide promenade along the seafront. The town is also amzingly clean (none of the litter and rubbish that spoils most parts of India). If it wasn't for receiving a blessing from an elephant called Lakshmi, I really would have forgotten I was in Asia.

Stuffed our faces with croissants and ice-cream coffees as a bit of a treat, before having a leisurly day strolling about. In the evening maaged to find a bar serving French wine. As it was my birthday I thought I should treat myself. Unfortunately the red wine was ice cold (didn't have a similar experience in Thailand - I really should learn). Great little day though.

Said my goodbyes to the boys who were now heading South and made myway back up to Mamallapuran for one last night.

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