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Kaweah River(foothills)

The road USED to go where the road landed

Beginning to make rapids

Drowning #1 cause of NP deaths

This is a BIG boulder

Petroglyphs on Hospital Rock(Indian medicine area)

Mortar holes for grinding nuts,etc

Waterfall part of the river

Striated rock interesting amongst the granite boulders

Teetering rocks dwarf "honey"

Sequoia tree base

Compare truck size to the tree circumference

Standing in a felled sequoia

High Sierra region

Hot coffee & desert

View out the dining room window

Warm apple crisp

Grant Grove


Felled tree served as shelter to loggers(1880's)

Largest tree by volume in the world

Look at the size of the branches


Another big sequoia

Sequoia "children"

Uploading pictures can be time consuming. I am requesting feed back from you all. Generally, I use the high resolution selection; however, the last two entries I selected express. Is the quality of the picture effected? Thanks in advance. Three areas(Sequoia NP and NF & King Canyon) bordering each other are under separate care takers; the National Park Service and the National Forest Service. From a tourist perspective the area is spectacular. It is a region of extremes: elevations 1300'-14,494'; temps 60-28(today); diverse plants and animals according to elevation; steep trails(!); cold water. While still in the foothills, a bob cat crossed the road right before our very eyes! The trees are bigger than life! Despite a few sore muscles, we thoroughly enjoyed our day. The canyon floor will be explored another day. Winter brings more tourists than we had anticipated. Snowshoeing, skiing trails "walked" in the summer, four wheel drive, and snowmobiles(for rescue, etc) are the methods of travel. Snowshoeing was not recommended for Corky; although, I would love to have given it a try. Sequoias grow naturally on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. There are some 75 groves in all. The tannin content provides resistance to insects and fungi. The main cause of death is toppling(shallow root system). Seed dispersion is from their cones. Did you know controlled fire helps with propagation? Fire causes the cone to drop the seeds. Something else interesting-size does not equal age of the tree. Size equals optimal growing conditions. I come away from these adventures full of info. Conveying the info to you is another story. Why don't I let the pictures do the rest of the talking?

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