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Although our captain did his level best to keep us away from Cyclone Hamish, the seas grew rougher and rougher as the day went by. Eventually the doors to the outside were barricaded. The spray made the decks wet and slippery and it would be easy to lose one’s footing as the ship lurched throughout the waves. However, the ship’s motion was never severe enough to disrupt eating, a major activity on day’s like this. Glassware stayed put on the tables and the waiters continued to lug plate after plate out of the galley, carefully balanced on their arms. If anyone was sea sick, there was no evidence of it. When we looked outside, we could see ten other ships seeking refuge in the same area where we were bobbing. Misery loves company.

The captain’s cocktail party was held this evening and ladies tottered on their high heels, holding a drink in one hand and canapés in the other. The captain was very apologetic about missing the visit to the Whitsunday Islands tomorrow due to the storm. The tour office has arranged a substitute tour for those who wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef. After all the reef extends many miles alongside the coast of Australia and there are many spots to enjoy the fish and coral. The captain also gave statistics about us. As one would expect most of the passengers are Aussies, followed at a distance by Kiwi’s, Brits and we Yankees are a distant fourth with less than 200 of us here. Listening closely it is not difficult to find one another. An Aussie couple joined our table for dinner since they just embarked in Brisbane, their home town. I’m sure we will exhaust them with our never ending questions about all the things we observe and want to better understand. They have been to the US a number of times, are well traveled, and can offer a good perspective between our two countries.

The night club performance was also affected by the rolling waves. The performers gave it a try for first seating, but rescheduled the song and dance show we were to attend until tomorrow. We were surprised that the comedy juggler chose to continue his performance. Psychologically, it was a wise decision on his part. Our sympathies were with him from the beginning and when he did fail to complete a move, it was easy to blame it on the sea rather than on his lack of skill. Since this voyage is so long, we will surely be seeing him again.

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