Nadine and Will's Honeymoon around the world 2009 travel blog

A quick pit stop to enjoy the view.

On the bridge...


Our own private swimming hole

Swimming in Laos with the Cambodian mountains in the background.

Our balcony...

Hanging around in a local bar

Life on the river

Bathing like a local ...

Outside our room

Viva Si Phan Don!!!! Often called the 4000 Islands we have hit a small piece of paradise. Only 9 days into our trip and I have to say I think Naddy and Willy just got thier groove back!!! Not quite sure when it happened... ...maybe the small slow boat onto one of the two habituated Islands of the area, Don Det? The trip in was just stunning with hundreds of small islands scattered throughout the water...some no more then mud patches with a few trees, but island none the less. Many had water buffalo cooling at thier banks and in the waters local fisherman hurl thier woven nets into the water hoping the catch tonight's dinner with the next toss. ... maybe it was swimming in the beautiful cool waters of the Mekong whilst looking on as the local children learn the ropes of thier trades... 4 and 5 year olds net fishing, driving long boats, spear fishing and kayaking out into the waters on thier own, practising and mimicking the roles of thier parents - learning life on the water. ...maybe it was the hot and steamy nights gazing into the waters of the Mekong bumper hammocking (the pubs and restaurants are so chilled that they either have mats on the ground or Will and I's preference, hammocks, some of which are so close together that when you both swing at the same time you have no choice but to bump bums :) ...maybe it was the sunny days riding around the two main islands by bicycle (no breaks - no bell- no watch- no worries!) cruising through the local farm areas, through fields of buffalo, past local homes and huts, stopping for a dip in the beautiful water ways and seeing the sights of the almighty waterfall. ... maybe it was staying in our rustic little shack with nothing but candle light, mattress, mosquito net, hammock and views overlooking the river and local farm lands with its ducks, pigs and assortment of dogs and cats. ...or maybe it was the melodious sounds of the thousands of cicadas that filled the air, so loud just before the sunset you can't even hear your self think... Oh well who knows... we are both too chilled out to care :) See you in Cambodia! do do doo doo do dadada da dadadaa dada... :)

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