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Judy, Patti's sister, & Scooter in our rv while we were visiting...

The inside view of the Capitol's dome in Austin, Tx.

Old log house structures in the typical old style located on the...

Hill Country restaurant bragging about their Chicken Fried Steak.

Judy Ancell pointing out the lizards at the Wildseed Farm.

Judy next to the cactus about to bloom & the wisteria (?)...

Old buildings in Fredricksburg, Tx which were near the old German cemetery.

Old German Cemetery dates back to 1846 but is still in use.

Old house on a backstreet in Fredricksburg, Tx.

Texas style Blue Crab at the Wildseed Farm.

Really cool downspouts for rain gutters.

Beautiful piece of granite est. 3 billion yrs old worth lots of...

Interesting granite.

Blue & rust color with petrified Ferns inbedded in the granite.

This reminded me on blue underground water... also granite.

Brown & gold granite.

This is the "Phantom Ghost" granite as I call it.

Golden brown spotted granite.

Close-up of this granite from Matagascar.

Beautiful granite from Matagascar was my favorite... different lighting brings out different...

Colorful, lively spotted granite.... doesn't seem real. We saw tabletops made of...

The birthplace of Admiral Nimitz.

Information plaque on Admiral Nimitz.

Old bank building on "main" street in Fredricksburg.

Old hospital building on "main" street in Fredricksburg.

Old tree with unusually large root ball above the sidewalk.

Orleans style building in Fredricksburg.

Austin State Capitol building.

The top of the Teas State Capitol Building.

Colorful floor in the entry of the Capitol building showing the 6...

Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin.

Hank & Judy walking toward the entrance & the Texas State Star.

The bronze wall panels depicting moments in Texas history.

The Story of Texas Mural at the Texas History Museum.

The legend explaining The Story of Texas Mural.

Part of the legend identifying parts of The Story of Texas Mural.

Judy on the outside deck of the Iguana Restaurant overlooking Lake Travis.

Lake Travis is low from the drought... as seen from the Iguana...

North to Austin or rather the west side of Austin near Lakeway & Lake Travis. We are at the La Hacienda RV Park on Hudson Bend Rd. Judy (Patti's sister) is temporarily staying with her daughter, Kris, & grandson, Dillon in Lakeway. Judy is moving in a week or so to Lubbock. This is a great opportunity for us to visit with them. This is our first trip to Austin in an RV, & it has been about 12 years or so since we were last here.

We had a great time here in Austin. We have dined, toured, etc. We toured the state capitol building which is really interesting & also went to the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, plus some other stuff. A beautiful, fun place to come. Unfortunately the spring flowers are just beginning, but we did see (thanks to Judy spotting it) one Bluebonnet.

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