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Me after my 8 second putting practice. Look at the confidence!!!

This fairway was full of wheelspin marks and doughnuts after Em had...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOH Soooooooooo close!!!!

See! From like 100 yards away!!! Or something.

Nice action.

Taxi for Sheen!!!!

I didn't hit it in there once!!!!

An arty one from Pettet.

What a lovely hole...for me to ruin by playing horribly on!

View back over to Queenstown. Our campsite is behind those trees with...

This putt ended up in those mountains.

The girls are back in town!

Tea for 2. Or just 1 greedy one!

I have no word for this!

Tea for me!

Gigantor gropes Esther and Michelle

Me, Austen, and Michelle.

Again....not too sure what's going on here!

Be bo!

Tee hee!!

I'm a massive T-Pot

Austen & Freddie having a Gay-off!

Then it all went bad. Steve Bruce would be proud of my...

Excuse me people, can someone save Esther from Dracula please!?!

Watch out Em, when you pull this you get gunged!!! It's a...


The most dramatic burger eating shot EVER!

Today Ozz wanted to play a spot of golf as there are supposed to be a few nice courses around here. Knowing nothing about golf (apart from the last time I played I re broke my wrist) we decided I should be the buggy driver which I was very excited about!

When we got there the weather took a bit of a turn and it was heavy winds and rain!!

Over to you Ozz....... The course was like my mum. Short but nice....and a little bit mental because it was so windy!!!!!

I started off ridiculously bad and by the end of the 18 holes I had improved to be just very bad. Oh and I lost a ball UP A TREE!!!

The views were pretty amazing on some of the holes though and if I wasn't so annoyed at playing so badly I would have probably appreciated them more!!! Em had fun blazing around the course in the buggy though.

In the evening we met up with Esther and Michelle (we met them tubing in Laos and again in Koh Phangan at the Full Moon Party) We had a few drinks and a catch up in their hostel bar then went on to the World Bar where they serve cocktails in T-pots! (It's seemed like the best thing in the world when your drunk!!) We had a really good night catching up with travel tales etc. Aaaaaaand we ended up in Fergburger...AGAIN for some late night/early morning burger action! that place is sooo damned good!


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