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Visitors in the canopy just above our RV's (spider monkeys).

Here's another look - have you ever seen monkey's in the wild...

Misol Ha waterfall

Part of our group behind the falls..

View from behind.

Still having fun!

Carrying home the fire wood.

Roadside food stand - some of our group would eat here on...

The housing style and construction has changed a bit.

The scenery along the roadway.

For sale - they were making these right at the booths.

It's a family affair - selling corn, sugar cane and banana's

Attack!! These young ladies descended on us the minute we parked. They...

Agua Azul - breathtaking!

Some of the color...

Our lunch stop - made to order and quite tasty!

More of the cascades...

Yep, we are still having fun!

Beautiful, don't you think! We kept saying it looked like something Disney...

One last look..

Some of the locals.

Hand embroidery for sale at one of the road side stands...

We did stop on the way back at one of the booths...

She was using the deflated ball as a baby - very cute...

View through the windshield as we head on home..

Today was another in a series of free days with 'optional' sightseeing tours planned by our fearless leaders. As we have come to expect, these days offer us some of the most amazing experiences.

We loaded up carpool 'style' and hit the road at 0900. We made a quick stop at Misol Ha cascadia (waterfall), parked and took a quick walk. This waterfall is 25 meters tall and there is a short trail that leads to the rear of it. It was awesome....

Next we travelled about 25 miles through some awe inspiring countryside passing through several small villages. This area is very lush and green. The valleys and mountains are truly beautiful. It actually felt to us like we had left Mexico and entered an entirely new country - that's how different the countryside was.

Our next stop was at Aqua Azul. This is a series of short waterfalls and cascades which are created by the Rio Shamulha (from a natural spring) as it explodes out of the jungle. Trust us, the pictures do not do this natural wonder justice!! After fortifying ourselves with a plate of empandas (5 for 10 pesos or .67 cents!!!) we took the walk to the top of the river. On the way back down we did some shopping (dropped some serious pesos) and then headed back to the car.

The drive back 'home' required a couple of more stops to make a few purchases along the way and we arrived back at camp around 1600...all and all another successful day out here on the road.

Ken went shopping again to purchase a Machete (everyone has one). This was followed by a

'meeting' (code word for Tequila) and a dip in the pool.

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