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Smoking Joe's

Brisket wrapped in foil

You may choose to eat outdoors

Maybe here at a table for two

Or under the live oak tree

Or inside the screened in room

Just waiting for the food

Joe talking about his "spread"

This huge smoker makes the whole area smell great!

Pool at River Bend RV resort

A nice place!

Lookin' things over

That's the Rio Grande

Very Nice!

Today was another awesome day here in the RGV. We slept with the windows wide open once again, and awoke a few minutes before 6:00 AM.

I was up, dressed and checking the e-mails, etc, when Marilyn got out of bed. She fixed coffee while I answered some e-mails.

We then sat outside discussing the RV lifestyle and our future plans for travel.

Around 7:30, we went inside and made ourselves ready to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some snacks for our trip tomorrow.

We did a little shopping at Wally World and then returned to the RV.

The next item on the list was to put the trash out by the curb, for pickup, and to dump the holding tanks.

I retrieved my suitcase from the basement storage area and packed my clothing for the trip. Marilyn already had her clothing packed. Now we are ready to go.

A few minutes before 11:00 AM, we walked across the street to join Heinz & Irene for a day of exploration. We are curious about other resorts in this area, so we were off to look at some of them. We wanted to see the sites available, the rates and the extra costs, amenities, etc.

Marilyn & I needed to change some money into pesos so Heinz drove to the Cambio place. We exchanged dollars for pesos at a rate of 14.10 pesos to one dollar.

Next stop was at a BBQ place along the Military Highway (Hwy 281), called “Smoking Joes”. This is a one man operation, smoking meat with mesquite wood, in a huge smoker at a private residence.

Smoking Joes sells smoked Turkey Legs, Beef Brisket, Fajita, Beef Ribs, Sausage, Smoked Chicken, Smoked Fish, and Baby Back Ribs.

His place is not one to take your girl on a first date. He basically sells the delicious meats “To-Go”

He does offer a screened in room with a dirt floor and wooden picnic tables, where you may sit to enjoy your lunch.

It is suggested that you bring your own beer or soft drinks. There is no toilet facility so you should take that into account. There are thick bushes some yards away, which offer some privacy for the guys. LOL

Let me sum this up by saying that the meat is delicious, and you might wish to purchase some to take home. The side dishes consist of beans and potato salad. We didn’t try the potato salad, but the beans were outstanding!

Smoking Joes is located 5 miles east of the intersection of Hwy 1015 and Hwy 281. Many of the Border Patrol Agents eat there because the food is so tasty.

Smoking Joe appreciates it if you offer him a cold beer, but that is not required. J

OK, enough about that.

We continued east on Hwy 281 after our lunch of BBQ Brisket sandwiches.

We located “River Bend” RV Resort. The resort is beautiful with a very nice looking golf course and well landscaped sites for rent.

You may contact them at riverbendinfo@orbitemail.net

We looked at two more RV resorts but found nothing which compared favorably with Llano Grande. There are many places which cost less, but they all have less to offer than our home resort for the last three winters.

We did meet two more Canada couples, friends and neighbors of Heinz & Irene back in Canada. They invited us to sit with them on their patio, for a cold drink. Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with spiced rum isn’t bad at all. The ladies enjoyed some home made red wine.

After we said goodbye to these new friends, Dan & Jan and Bill & Joyce, we returned to Llano Grande, arriving by 4:30, where we sat on our patio with Heinz & Irene to share another cold drink and talk about the tour Ted & Sue and Marilyn & I are beginning tomorrow morning.

I hope to be writing about our adventure each day, and I promise to share it with you each day that I can, or as soon as I have access to the internet.

Marilyn & I hope to have a quiet evening tonight, and get a good night of sleep.

So, once again, we absolutely can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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