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I am about 60 miles NW of San Antonio for a week. I met another forum friend and we've been hanging out. As you can see in this pic the terrain here is starting to be a little different - Texas hill country. This is somebody house way up on the hill

. Here are some photos from a city park where I take Eddie to run - it's across the street from the RV park

. My new friend Karen took me to Fredericksburg - a town settled by mostly Germans. It is very proud of that heritage and is full of funky little shops in cool historic buildings. This one is a museum honoring Admiral Chester Nimitz - see how it kind of looks like a ship -

His family settled here in like 1850 something and built it as a hotel. Didn't tour it this trip. They had a memorial garden out back with plaques for various navy ships lost, including the original Lexington that the carrier I toured in Corpus was named after. This maypole stands in a park in the center of town and the figures represent the town's history.

The park also had this neat memorial to a treaty signed with the Comanche tribe, one of the few our government actually kept.

My friend Karen is in the background. We also found this amazing Catholic church called St. Mary's

This is a shot of the altar

and one of the dozen or so full size stained glass windows

and here is the humongous pipe organ

One thing you have to say about Catholics - their churches usually look like places the Creator of the Universe might want to hang out in. I'll take some shots of the park here and post soon.

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