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What an awesome day, weather-wise, this has been! The RGV weather has been fantastic this winter, just as it was last year.

I must admit that our first winter here, in 2006 - 2007, was not that great.

So ok, the weather is great, this resort is in a wonderful location, one hour from the beach at South Padre Island, 10 minutes from Mexico, low cost, fresh fruit and vegetables all winter long, awesome weather with temperatures mostly in the middle 70’s to middle 80’s and lots of sunshine, with a nice breeze to keep the bugs away. What more could you ask?

OK, they have about 100 channels of cable TV and a good wi fi system, all included in the price.

Did I mention that the sites here in the north section are 72' x 40' with concrete pads and are all "pull through" sites. Grass and palm trees are on each site. Lots of activities including four swimming pools. Ok, enough already!

Well, the owner of the resort realizes that he has a gem here and has increased the prices for next year, A LOT!

It will cost us $2800.00 to stay here from November 15th to March 15th, next winter. The cost increase is nearly 20%!

The cost increase may be warranted but it comes at a time when all of us who have investments are losing money in our 401K's and other investments.

How our nations Leaders figure they can spend our way into prosperity befuddles me.

While I am writing of costs, let me answer a question which has been asked of me, several times recently.

Why did we choose South Dakota as a residence and how does the price for “must have” items compare?

Well, I don’t have all the answers, and in this socialistic, government controlled economic disaster, I may not have any answers.

I do want to explain why we chose South Dakota and what some of our costs are. Then, you may compare your cost for the same items, to have a realistic look at South Dakota as a residence state.

The annual cost for the basics using South Dakota as a Residence

Insurance for the 5th Wheel, Truck & Van: (753.00 ea. six months) Total: $1506.00

Health Insurance, Supplemental policy: Monthly @ $208.63 Total: $2503.56

License & Registration: 2007 Mobile Suites 36TK3, 2007 F-350 Ford Diesel DRW King Ranch, and our “Run around" car, 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

Total: $320.00

Umbrella Policy @ $1,000,000.00 Coverage Total: $123.00

Total annual cost for these items is: $4452.56 or $371.41 per month

Some additional facts about South Dakota:

South Dakota has NO State Income tax

NO State Inheritance tax

NO Personal Property tax

3% excise tax on purchase of vehicles, RV’s etc

Low vehicle license Fee

We use Alternative Resources as our mail forwarding service. They also take care of renewing our vehicle license and registration each year.

The Toll free phone number is: 800-477-2664 or e-mail them at www.alternativeresources.net

Be sure to tell them that Ed & Marilyn Dray sent you. It might help us.

I hope this information helps some of you who might be considering South Dakota as your permanent home base.

So, that is it for today's journal entry. I have to go to bed and dream about the time when our investments were actually making some money.

Now, we just can't wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store.....

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