l to r, Dave & Susan Lute, Rebecca and Dave Fuller

Dave Lute and Dave Fuller pretty much how they looked in 1977!...

One day, Dave was messing around on the computer doing some searching when he had a gut feeling to locate an old friend. This friend was stationed in England with Dave around 1977/78. Dave Lute and his wife Susan were from Oregon and returned here shortly after being discharged from the USAF. But just where in OR are they today? Dave Lute has little or no presence on the web, but Susan was easy to find. I found out that Susan has her own web page to promote her writing. After an exchange of several emails, we arranged to go to their home for a long overdo and awaited reunion. The drive from Eugene to their home is just a little over 2 hours. It’s been 30+ years since Dave and Dave had worked together. They worked as airmen at RAF Welford, Berkshire, England gaurding bombs in a CASA (conventional ammunition storage area). The meeting was so wonderful, it was just like we’d seen each other just a few months ago. We just had to catch up on what has happened to each of us in the interim. Dave now works for United States Postal Service as an IT maintainence man, fixing the sorting equipment when it breaks down. Susan, though she works in womens health as an RN, is a romance author for Harlequin. She has been published recently. We found out during our visit with the Lutes that she now has one more story at her agents desk ready and a four-some series ready for submission. For more information about Susan Lute and her budding writing career go to: www.susanlute.com

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