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The 'camping' conditions were a little bit better here..

Where we would spend most of our day.

Our reward

One last look

After a wonderful day at Xcaret it was time to head on down the road .... a total of 24 miles!!! Our drive would take us just under 45 minutes, not bad by 'caravan' standards!!

Once again we are staying overnite in the parking lot, which has proven to be very convenient. Xel Ha is a much smaller version of an EcoPark and we actuallly prefer it over Xcaret. The main focus here is the large lagoon and snorkeling. Our entry was all inclusive. We managed to get in quite a bit of snorkeling and taught a our fellow caravaner, Betty Johnson, the finer points of snorkeling also. They are, snorkel for 30 minutes, drink beer. Snorkel for 30 minutes in a different part of the Lagoon, drink beer. Return snorkel geer, drink margaritas. All in all, a very successful lesson.

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