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Marilyn & I slept pretty well, for sleeping in a Motel. It was quiet, clean and comfortable.

We did awaken to noise in the hall at 5:30 this morning, as some people were leaving and saying goodbye to other people.

I was in the shower by 7:00 and we left the Motel to go across the street to a restaurant for breakfast. They serve a “breakfast” at the Motel but it consists of coffee and a donut. Marilyn & I wanted a real breakfast! Oh how we miss the huevos rancheros at Mingo’s!

As we approached an empty table we heard our names called, looked up and saw an old friend, named Anthony. We shook hands, hugged and visited for a few minutes. We would happily have sat together but he was waiting for his business partners to arrive, so we sat at the table we had originally selected.

Jennifer called while we were eating breakfast, to let us know that she was taking Colby to the doctor. He was sneezing a lot yesterday and Jen said he had started sneezing the day before that. Bummer! He is such a cute little guy and it is awful to see him not feeling well. We hope he will be ok for his birthday party tomorrow. Colby is a real “go-getter” and he won’t stay down for long, if at all.

As Marilyn & I started to leave the restaurant, we noticed another old friend, sitting with a group in another room. Dean seemed delighted to see us and he quickly introduced us to the other people at the table. It was the hospital board members, having an informal meeting. I knew one other gentleman also and we stood to visit for awhile with these folks.

Dean used to fly with me quite often, and he said some very nice things about me to the other folks. Two of them are taking the ground school to earn their Private Pilot’s License. Great!

When Marilyn & I left the restaurant we drove out to the cave to see our friends there. I had not remembered that the winter hours are in effect so they don’t open until 10:00 AM. Bummer!

Marilyn & I were talking as we drove around Hannibal, and we spoke of the striking difference between here and the RGV at this time of year.

In the RGV today, it is a clear sky, breezy, with temperatures reaching 92 degrees. Hot!

Everything is green, with flowers and the trees in bloom. Indeed, the resort where we stay smells like orange blossoms because of the citrus trees in bloom.

Here, the sky is gray overcast, it is cold, barely above freezing, the trees are bare and everything is brown and gray.

Quite a difference!

We had a call from Jennifer and we agreed to meet for lunch at the Mexican restaurant we liked so well when we were here before.

We arrived ahead of Steve, Jennifer and Colby. When they came in the hugs and greetings were plentiful.

We enjoyed a fine meal and we all left stuffed to our gills. Next stop was to fill both cars with gas. I owed Jennifer for driving to St Louis to pick us up so I paid for that refill as well as my own. I must note that we paid $1.749 for the gasoline and when we drove home tonight we noticed that the price varied from $1.859 to $1.929.

After the fill up, Marilyn & I backtracked to purchase some soda and some ice cream for the birthday party tomorrow.

We then drove out to Jen & Steve’s place, but Steve had to go to work, so we visited with Jennifer and played with Colby. We helped to decorate some and did a few other chores which needed to be done before the party.

Jen & Marilyn fixed spaghetti for dinner. It sure was fun watching Colby feed himself. He enjoys his bath time and that was next on the agenda. With the bath complete and fresh PJ’s on, he climbed up on my lap for a few moments before he wanted down to explore in his toy box.

Marilyn & I were back in the Motel around 9:00 PM.

Now we will relax for a few minutes and hope to get a good night of sleep.

Tomorrow is another day and we just can’t wait to see what that day will have in store…..

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