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Los Frailes Beach (Friar's Beach)

After two full days of great, but exhausting excursions, I was ready for some R & R on the beach. Our bus wasn't leaving until 8 pm so we had another full day to enjoy. The group was set on getting a free surf lesson with the hostal owner's son Andres (who took a liking to our youngin' Tamara but at 17, was even too young for her) and I decided to head straight to the beach and they would meet up with me after. Water, snacks and my beach blanket in hand, I took the 30 minute moto taxi to the los Frailes beach, considered one of the nicest beaches in the country. The weather was perfect- sunny and hot, and I settled in nicely to my spot on the horseshoe-shaped bay surrounded by rocky coves and cliffs. The water was soooo warm and wondrous.

Hours had passed by and no sign of my friends- perhaps they had become addicted to surfing! Eventually they came along with the unfortunate news- they hadn't been surfing at all. Only a few minutes in the water and poor Mar had managed to get herself stung by a manta ray on the bottom of the foot (the more typical spot as opposed to the Steve Irwin's through the heart tragedy). There had been a blackout since the night before which meant no electricity and no water so they couldnt stick Mar's foot in hot water (the typically remedy) and were forced to build a fire and stick her foot as close to it as possible- she was in wrenching pain and Raul stayed back with her, taking care of her and feeding her fresh fruit from his garden. The gang had come to the beach though the valiant one eventually came to the beach also, limping and with her foot wrapped up. The trick with ray stings is that you have to keep the wound sterile as the bad stuff can happen by developing nasty flesh-eating type infections due to the bacteria that the rays have on their stingers.

Once we got back, Mar was still in pain so Raul called a doctor to get the low-down on what meds she should take. I headed off to the pharmacy with the names (no you dont need a prescription for anything in this country) and came back with it- one antibiotic, one pain killer. We had another lovely dinner at the Picanteria (ok, we WANTED to check out the Colombian restaurant but it was freaking closed so we couldn't) and headed to the bus station. Reina del Camino bus company has had a lot of robberies on that particular road so their security is hard core. We all got massively felt up on the way onto the bus (Alex described it as the guy rolling his balls through his hands, lovely) and I got a lovely boob grab from the lady. At least there was A/C, no music, comfy seats. We laid in for a nice night's rest. Well, Mar didn't. The pain killers were a little strong so the girl was LOOPY, weeeing and dancing her way through the trip. The girls behind us were petrified that the guy was driving erratically and fast on tiny, twisty roads- welcome to Ecuador ladies!!! I slept and at 5 am, we were an hour early into Quito. I was exhausted off to my Community Law class that starts at 7 and managed to nod off in class several times. Good going Kindra!

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