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We didn’t sleep very well last night. Both of us had our mind on the flight back to Missouri today.

The weather was perfect for sleeping last night, with

a nice breeze wafted across the bed from the open windows. I fell asleep around 10:00 PM and awoke later, thinking that it must be the middle of the night. The first thing I noticed was that Marilyn was not in bed. Then I noticed a light on in the living room. Then I noticed the clock. It was 11:30 PM and I had been asleep for an hour and a half.

We both awoke several times during the night and I was up at a few minutes after 5:00 this morning.

Marilyn slept in a bit longer before getting up to put the coffee on.

We shared a pot of coffee before I packed my clothing and then took my shower.

We had a few chores to do, like taking the trash out and turning off the water supply.

Several friends who will not be at Llano Grande when we return, came by to say “so long”.

Carl & Linda and Dan & Pat are leaving on Sunday. Heinz & Irene and Gordon & Juanita wished us a safe journey also.

Jesse & Ginger came by right at 9:00 AM to take us to the airport.

We gave them a good hug and parted knowing that we have formed a lasting bond and we will see these good friends again.

Our flight left right on time and we landed in Houston a couple of minutes early.

As we sat on the aircraft in Houston, after boarding for the flight to St Louis, I noticed a latch on the engine cowling, that was not fastened. “Surely they will catch that before we leave” I thought.

I kept an eye on it and once they closed the door, I knew that I should say something. Once we got the flight attendant’s attention I explained the problem and suggested she relay that information to the Captain.

She went immediately to the cockpit and a minute or so later, the Captain came back out, re-opened the door, and went out. I soon saw two mechanics and the Captain looking at the latch. They were unable to get that problem latch to remain latched. Soon, another mechanic appeared with a large screwdriver and put some “heavy leverage” on the latch, then tested it with a good pounding with his fist. All is good!

The flight was about 30 minutes late leaving Houston, thanks to my big mouth!

I watched that latch when we landed in St Louis and, sure enough, it popped open when the thrust reversers deployed.

I stopped by the cockpit and explained what I had noticed, to the Captain. He thanked me and we left to go see Jennifer and Colby.

Big hugs and kisses followed!

We took the airport shuttle back to the main terminal and quickly found Jen’s car.

I drove as we left the airport and Marilyn sat in the back seat with Colby. It began raining and the traffic was heavy, which is normal for St Louis at this time in the late afternoon.

In spite of all the delays, we were making good time until we came up on six lanes of traffic in “Creep along” mode.

The cause was soon apparent as emergency vehicles went by and we eventually came up on the wreck itself. It appeared to be pretty bad, with four or five vehicles piled up, one on top of the other. We hope no one was seriously hurt, but it looked bad.

Once we arrived back in Hannibal, we drove directly to the Mark Twain Cave, where Marilyn & I left our car, back in November.

We saw Matt, and drove our car to the restaurant for some dinner.

I check in at the Hotel next door while Marilyn and Jennifer took Colby and went inside the restaurant to check out the menu.

After dinner we all went to the Motel. Marilyn & Jen gave Colby a bath and we visited as much as we could.

Jen & Colby left for the drive home as Colby was getting pretty sleepy.

Now we are all settled in for the night and can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

P.S. I will have pictures for you once we are back in our RV at Llano Grande. I promise to give you lots of pictures once we get back home.

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