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Headed onto the "slow ferry" for our trip out to Isla Mujeres

Fellow Caravaners - Tom & Jimmie Palya

The water really is this color...

Here's a couple more of our fellow caravaners - this is Cathy...

Looking back towards where we came from.

This would be where we would spend our day.

The 'slow ferry' headed back to the mainland

View from our palapa.

My lunch - more shrimp ceviche than I could eat for 80...

This helicopter flew over us on the way to the Naval base...

For sale

More doors - I have a new fixation when it comes to...

More shopping in the downtown area of Isla Mujeres

Laundry day

Bright colors on this home and another door!

The caribbean side of the island - it's alot rockier and windier

Wonder how long they've been working on this condo development? It's right...

Yep, they have a church and a zocalo here as well.

We headed back 'home' just as the sun started setting.

Not all of us had the day off - it looks like...

The plan was to sleep in this morning but it seems our body clocks have managed to re-adjust and we were both up at about 0600, oh well, we had breakfast and ran some errands! At 1030 we carpooled for a short 3 mile drive to the car ferry parking lot/boarding area. There is a high speed ferry out to Isla Mujeres but the seating is 'sardine can' style and inside. The car ferry is referred to as the slow boat but it does have an open air top deck. We found the views to be worth the added travel time and wouldn't hesitate to take the 'slow boat' again.

A short 45 minutes later we pulled into the dock on Isla Mujeres ( it means Island of Women and is named after a temple on the island which was full of statues of women ) We were able to pick and choose what we wished to do as well as the time we wanted to return to the mainland.

Some of our group rented golf carts and toured the island - it's 5 miles long and 1/2 mile wide. Everyone we talked to who did this really enjoyed it. Ken and I opted to spend the afternoon hanging out in the sun while taking the occasional dip in the ocean. After a couple of hours I sent Ken out to pick up lunch. He returned with a jumbo sized shrimp ceviche for me and garlic shrimp with all the fixin's for himself - total bill, $13 dollars U.S......by now you should know what I'm going to say.....yep, we may never come home!!

After lunch we did a little bit of shopping and than walked back to catch the 1730 boat. It was another in a series of fantastic days and we are only slightly sunburned...I added quite a few pictures and as always, I hope you enjoy them.

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