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We awoke early this morning and I could easily have walked with Heinz and Jesse.

I was sitting in my recliner with the laptop computer on my lap when I saw the guys appear in the street. They were obviously going to wait for me to go with them. I gave them a “Good Morning” from the open window beside me and let them know that I was staying in this morning. We had a lot to get done and I wanted Marilyn & I to have time for some coffee together before we got too busy.

We sat together, enjoying the early morning weather, with a nice breeze coming in the open windows, and a hot cup of coffee.

I called Jeff at the cave to let him know that we hoped to see him when we get there to pick up our van. Jeff is such a nice guy and a good friend. He assured us that he would start the van and check the tires, etc, to make sure all was well, before we arrive.

Marilyn & I then left to go get a haircut. While Marilyn was getting her hair cut, I walked up the street to the bank and cashed a check, then returned for my turn in the chair.

As I walked back to the salon, my cell phone rang and it was Ginger asking us to go out to eat with her & Jesse this evening. I quickly agreed and it is all set for us to get together around 4:00 PM.

From the barber shop, Marilyn & I drove to Wal-Mart to pick up Marilyn’s prescription and buy a couple of small things. Then, we were off to the Flea Market, where Marilyn made another purchase. We had agreed to meet at “The Bean Barn” which is a small “mom & pop” restaurant where they basically specialize in ham & beans, cornbread and iced tea.

I arrived ahead of Marilyn and grew tired of the wait. Besides the wonderful aroma made my mouth water, so I ate a bowl of ham & beans with a slice of cornbread and a glass of iced tea, while I waited. When Marilyn arrived, I ordered the same for her and indulged myself with a re-fill of the bowl of ham & beans.

I spent a bit of time getting to know the folks who run the Bean Barn and found that they were from Quincy, Illinois. That is close to Hannibal and we have many friends who live in Quincy. We had a nice visit with these good folks before we left to drive back to the resort.

Once we were back home, Marilyn began defrosting the freezer, while I returned the remains of a bottle of Triple Sec to Carl. I had used his Triple Sec in the making of margaritas yesterday. I owe you a fresh bottle, my friend, because I used more than half of it.

Back in the RV I got on line and checked in for our flight tomorrow, getting our boarding passes while I was at it.

I then called Hannibal to make a reservation at a Motel for the three nights we will be there.

Jesse will take us to the airport tomorrow morning and Heinz will pick us up when we return on Sunday afternoon.

As I mentioned yesterday, by the time we return, Jesse & Ginger, Dan & Pat and Carl & Linda, will all be on the road to a new destination. We will definitely miss these good friends but we will see them again.

You can tell that our winter fun is nearing an end and that “Hitch Itch” is beginning to take hold on the full timers. Much of the conversation now consists of places we are all going, routes to travel, and dates when we will see each other again.

By the way, I wanted to share another blog with you. If I have given you the address for Nick Russell’s blog before, please forgive me. Here it is, just in case I have not shared this information with you: http://gypsyjournal.net/blog/

Most of our prep work for our flight to St Louis is now done. I have retrieved the suitcase from the basement storage area, and we are ready to relax for awhile, before we pack.

Jesse & Ginger drove to our site to pick us up at 4:00 PM. We were ready to go and we all headed out, toward McAllen and the Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

We enjoyed a great meal and the good conversation. I must admit that I thought our conversation was a bit subdued because we are all aware that once we leave tomorrow, we won’t see these good friends until next autumn.

We left the restaurant quite satisfied with our dinner, and drove in pretty heavy traffic, back to the resort.

Once we were in the RV, we began getting things together. Marilyn is all packed but I am a procrastinator.

I did take our keys to the truck and to the RV over to Heinz, and I asked him to put our trash out of Friday morning for us.

We will turn off the water until we return on Sunday.

Once we are back here, we’ll have a lot to get done, but that is for another time.

For now, we’ll settle in with some quiet time and we can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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