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Old fort in the town of Champoton

The view isn't too shabby...

LUNCH!!! Coconut shrimp at a little stand along the beach for $6.20...we...

Departure time - 0730

Arrival time - 1000

Distance traveled - 109 miles

Average speed - 44.8

Travel related expenses - 132.00 pesos tolls ( $9.77)

Destination - Campeche, Campeche State

Staying at - Club Nautico

Amenities - 50 amp, water & sewer!!!

In checking our daily driving log for today’s short journey from Isla Aguada to Campeche we discovered that we would only be making 1 turn. Feeling confident we set out with two other couples about an hour earlier then the rest of the group. We traveled at the speed limit making only one stop along the way for fuel. We made pretty good time and actually got the coach into 6th gear for part of the drive - quite a difference from our previous traveling day(s).

We pulled into the campground, set up and tried to get power into the coach. This is the fourth Class A motor home we’ve owned but the first with a surge protector. Well, to make a long story short the protector doesn’t like Mexican power. So rather then bake in the 100 degree heat while the rest of the group luxuriated in AC we asked Butch to bypass the protector … keep your fingers crossed!!

We spent a couple hours in town and had a wonderful late lunch along the water. Ken’s Spanish is good enough that he was able to communicate that the bill for our meal was too high….and he saved us from making a 200 peso error - yep, he is not going to get taken advantage of financially no matter what country we are in!!

Back at the campground we had a delightful potluck barbeque which was attended by our entire group - we have some fabulous and creative cooks along and I, for one, am looking forward to exchanging some recipes.

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