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Our morning discovery: reason for the endless squawking of the Rainbow Lorikeets...

Gary on board the 'dolphin watching' boat

One of the dozens of pictures of the Bottle-nosed Dophins on Port...

Four Pelicans...

... and one 'close-up' Pelican

Gary with the "end of the day and pre-dinner" beer at the...

Heather on the beach front at Neslon Bay - after fish and...

Sunset over Port Stephens at Nelson Bay

Wednesday March 18

While we were having breakfast outside of the campervan, the noise of the Rainbow Lorikeets was almost deafening at times. After watching them for a while through the binoculars we discovered that they were living, and presumable nesting in holes in the Eucalyptus trees around the campsite. Because of their predominately green colouring, the lorikeets are really hard to see in the trees, but we did manage to capture a few reasonable photos.

In the late morning, we went for a dolphin watching cruise in the harbour. There are many resident bottle-nosed dolphins in the Port Stephens bay and we saw quite a few. The cruise lasted an hour and a half and ventured around the bay as far as Shoal Beach, which made for a very pleasant trip in the sunshine.

Later in the afternoon, we went for another swim; this time at Nelson Bay beach. After dinner at our campsite, we returned again to Little Beach, along with our camp chairs and a bottle of wine to enjoy the sunset on our last evening with the campervan.

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