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We headed straight for the plantaions for a sunset walk...


The roadside on one of our many walks.

The side of a bus!

There is a huge Catholic community here - M and I had...


We took a few walks up the surrounding mountains - the town...




We enjoyed three relaxing days in Munnar... walking through the tea plantations and exploring the surrounding hills!

That afternoon we arrived Michael and I took a walk up the valley to a nearby river. (where we took the first lovely pics!)We stayed in another family-run home stay -so neat and clean!

We learned that the tea plantaions were established by the English and later taken over by the TaTa family, the town then developed around the plantaions really, so it doesn't have the same charm as Darjeeling, but it was so so beautiful! Set in a valley surrounded by hills and mountains, the tea plantations stretch as far as the eye can see!

We then decided to go to Chinnar National Park for a night in a tree house set in the middel of the park! The cost included two treks in the park (the accepted way to see wild animals!) we knew we could expect more adventures...

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