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Snack table set up


Dorie, Ed and Larry

Ginger & Jesse

Sherry, Rick and Dorie

Sequence game at the end

We awoke to discover that it had rained during the night. The ground and the cement pads were wet and it was still raining a light drizzle, off and on.

We had plans to drive over to the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge today. We checked the weather forecast and found it to be forecasting rain for all day.

With the wet and breezy conditions we quickly gave up on the idea of walking around at a game preserve.

We were having breakfast with Jesse & Ginger and with Rick & Sherry, at the Rec Hall. We discussed some alternative options for our day, while having our breakfast.

Rick & Sherry decided to get some shopping done. I called Larry & Dorie to inform them of our change in plans and we talked about getting together to play some games today.

It was decided that we would gather with snacks and games, around lunchtime.

In the meantime, Jesse & Ginger and Marilyn & I went over to the pool hall to shoot some games of eight ball.

Marilyn teamed up with Jesse against Ginger and I. It was the team of Marilyn & Jesse who won the first four games, including one where Marilyn ran the last four balls to win that game.

OK, it was our turn!

Ginger and I won the next four games, and we decided to play one more. Mistake!

Jesse and Marilyn won that game and they won the title of overall champs for the day. Sigh….

After the pool games ended, Jesse & Ginger dropped Marilyn & I at our RV where we put together some snacks, grabbed some games, and waited only a moment or so for our friends to return to pick us up.

We met Rick & Sherry and Larry & Dorie at the card room, set up a table with snacks and drinks, and began with three games of “Sequence”.

The gals won two of the three games so we decided to play a game of Farkle. Rick was the winner of that game, so he redeemed the reputation of the guys, for the time being.

By the time that game was over, we were worn out with playing games and wanted some peace and quiet.

We cleaned things up and headed back home.

Marilyn & I each put on our “comfy” clothing and settled down to watch a new movie.

We managed to speak with Jennifer several times today. She is ok but sometimes we wish we were there for her. No matter how old you get, it is nice to have Mom & Dad to talk to sometimes.

Sherry came by to return a can of polyurethane she was using to coat the top of a wooden table she had purchased in Mexico.

That is pretty much all we did today.

The sky has now cleared and the humidity has returned to a comfortable level, with a nice, cool breeze. It should be great sleeping tonight.

This seems to be a pretty boring journal entry tonight. It is just that way sometimes. We don’t do something exciting every day. But we sure do enjoy a quiet, relaxing day once in a while.

We have a more active day tomorrow, but you will have to wait to see what that day has in store…..

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