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Turkey Vultures - Natures cleanup crew

Weiner Roast on the beach

Santispac really isn’t a community, it’s a beach front with long wide sand beaches just designed for goofing off. Who am I to debate that philosophy? We spent three nights here doing very little but drinking a beer, watching the sea birds, eating, drinking a glass of wine, fending off the beach vendors selling everything from pretty good looking silver to ready to eat tacos. Mostly said “No, gracias.” I think I saw at least three different kinds of gulls on our beach. If we sit as a group to have wine or beer and snacks, they stand quietly about ten feet back, in ranks, ust waiting for some action. Invariably somebody will drop a few chips or something in the sand, then toss it to the gulls. They explode in to action fighting each other for the best morsals, then go back to patiently waiting. Lots of turkey vultures – nature’s cleanup crew. Spome of them have graduated to garbage picking. We saw a couple of them sitting on the rim of the 45 gallon drums picking through the garbage bags. Also interesting were little ducks of some sort who cruise along parallel to the beach in about six inches to a foot of water, then suddenly dive, swim 20 or 25 feet underwater, and then pop back up. Interesting little guys. While we were here (three nights) we had two breakfasts and a weiner roast. I don’t think I’ve put on weight, but I’m also afraid to look too hard. The tour has really messed up my concept of self. I never thought I could eat huge breakfasts, but I’ve been spoiled. Also thought that getting up at 5:30, while it’s still dark, in order to be off at seven would probably be the death of me. It hasn’t, and I find I don’t really mind. Most of the sunrises are really magnificent. Nothing like sunrise (or sunset for that matter) over a mountain, with an arm of the Sea of Cortez in the foreground. Spectacular! Every silver lining is attached to a cloud – the propane part of my frig quit. The Thermocouple seems to be the culprit. It was rubbing against the metal base of the unit until it rubbed a hole. Not working anymore! We only have one more day of dry camping where I can’t use the 120V alternate, so no really big deal. I’ll get it fixed when we hit the States, probably Yuma. We are actually in Mulege (moo la hay) today. It’s about fifteen miles up the road from Santispac, but we are in a campground with hot showers, laundry facilities, and hopefully, wifi. If so, then I’ll send this off to the blog. If not, it’ll wait a couple more days. More about Mulege tomorrow.

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