Our Winter Mission Extended travel blog

It is with great sadness and great joy that Louise and I have decided it is time to return to Canada for an extended period.

We are sad to leave Mexico knowing that our work here is not yet complete.

We are sad to leave Mexico and all of our new friends, the family at IDT, the families that we have helped build homes for, the people that we have met at church and in the ejidos, towns and neighborhoods where we served. We are especially sad to leave the children that we have met, ministered to and loved.

I will no longer be able to babysit at Calvary Chapel and will miss "my babies" at lot. I will miss the moms who trusted me with their children, I will miss the laughter that my poor Spanish brought to the faces of all I met. I will miss sitting in the dirt in a "house" made out of plastic and cardboard. I will miss writing names in the dirt and watching the smiles that this simple exercise brought to little faces.

Louise will miss her kids, Santiago, Cande, Ali, Nancy and all the kids at the IDT Academy. Watching Louise with Santiago and Cande was a true blessing for me. I know that it brought joy to her heart seeing the progress that they were making.

I know that teaching art to the Academy kids was very special for Louise because she loves to paint and create so much. L know that some of the kids at the first of the school year were reluctant to join the art class. I also know that there are a great many creative kids here and that even those with reservations about art learned and participated with glee. The work that I saw them doing was phenomenal.

We leave all this behind now knowing that we will return one day. We also know that for the next while our place is back in Canada. We miss our kids, our grandkids, our friends and our Parkland family. We believe that Canada is where God now wants us to be. We have both grown tremendously in knowledge and faith. Now perhaps it is time to help others at home with their walk. We await God's guidance.

We leave IDT and Baja Mexico with many fond memories.

We return to Canada to build more fond memories.

We ask all for prayer for a safe journey, easy border crossings, good weather and God speed.

Thank you all to those that have followed our journey. I pray that you enjoyed our ramblings and maybe even learned a little from our experiences. Perhaps one day each and every one of you will be able to follow God's leading and break away to faraway places to serve in His Kingdom. I know that Louise and I are richer for this entire experience.

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