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ruins- Brunckow Cabin

praying hands?

gumball anyone?

I bought Sue a new blouse

Gleeson, Az.

church ruins

but, it's a DRY heat


after a hiatus, and doing no touristy stuff for awhile, we finally did something.

I had heard of an actual HAUNTED ghost town. It actually is a ranch.

Back in the 1880's, the rancher, and 23 of his hired hands were murdered. The rancher had a rock drill put thru him, and the hired hands were decapitated with a shovel. Sounded like my kind a place.

If you google it, you can read the stories of real ghost hunters who have been there, and their reports. They tell you not to go after dark, because it really is haunted. If the ghosts didn't get you in the dark, the thorny bushes would. I had shorts on (like always) and my legs are bloody.

We did find some interesting skeletons, and some cool artifacts. There are signs everywhere telling you not to take stuff, so we took pictures.

After we left there, we went to Tombstone to try to locate some others places we wanted to see. Sue asked the rangers about Brunckow Cabin, and they excitedly said, "don't go out near there, there are underground mines all over the place". "If you fall in one of them, they'd never find you". NOW THEY TELL US! We didn't see any, but they said that they may be covered over.

From Tombstone we went to Gleeson. It is a ghost town with some people still living there. There was a real estate sign that said you could buy the mining claims for 765,000 dollars. There must still be some stuff in them thar hills.

From Gleeson, we took Ghost Town Road, 25 miles of dirt, and ghost towns scattered along the way. One building, that was obviously a church at some time, had been turned into the local party spot. It is the first vandalism we have seen in any of the ghost towns. I don't think the kids have any idea of the history they have destroyed.

Onward to Kansas Settlement, a town of much agriculture. Yes, there is alot of farmland in all this desert.

Then, we headed back to the park, thru our favorite area. It is Texas Canyon. We always think of Linda and Newell when we go thru there. Where are you?

We miss you all, and will be home soon.

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