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The group on our patio

From the other direction

Sherry, Linda, Jesse

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Ginger and Marilyn

Sherry & Don in a serious discussion

Jesse & Ginger

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Line dancing

This lady could really sing well

This young lady blew the doors off! Great!

Marilyn, Ginger and Sherry joined the line dance

Marilyn & I have enjoyed our winter here in the RGV so very much. For the second year in a row the weather has been awesome!

The first year we were here, we had cooler and wetter weather, but the past two years have been great.

The temperatures have remained pretty much in the upper 70’s and low 80’s all winter, with day after day after day of sunshine.

An occasional day of light rain and cooler temperatures, although rare, only serve to remind us that we are so fortunate to have the freedom to live where we wish, and to seek out the weather we enjoy.

We have spent our days here in a variety of ways. We have had bicycle adventures, riding in State parks, and over into Mexico, many other trips to Mexico for a fine lunch and a good time with friends, trips to the beach and many meals out with friends.

Cocktail parties and resort activities have kept us busy.

I must admit that, even if the weather were not so great, we would probably return anyway, because we have so many friends here.

Heinz & Irene and Carl & Linda have been here each of the three winters that we have lived here. Gilbert & Louise will be back next year so we would not think of going anywhere else.

Our other friends are mentioned frequently in our blog so I won’t try to mention them here. I will just say that we love these good people and will miss them when we are away. Most of them plan to return next winter so we will see them again, the good Lord willing.

RVers don’t really say “good bye”. They usually just say “so long”, until we meet again.

Now that we have nearly finished our third winter here at Llano Grande, we are so comfortable here and the community and this area is so familiar to us, we really do feel “at home” when we are here.

We look forward to our time in the mountains and in the southwest also, as well as back in Missouri, near family and friends. This is such a great life!

I would like to quote our good friend, Jesse, who described it this way, when I mentioned that it was nice to have our non-RV friends see how we live. He said “Yeah, they have no idea how hard it is, night after night, day after day, just having fun every day. We just never get a break!”

He had us laughing all the way home tonight.

This morning we anxiously waited for a phone call from Jennifer, who had surgery on her wrist today. She is fine and we thank all of you who thought of her today, and who asked about her.

We will be seeing Jen, Steve and Colby before long. That will be great!

We had the entire group of classmate friends plus Carl & Linda and Jesse & Ginger, here at our place for a cold drink before going off to the Rec Hall for a spaghetti dinner and karaoke.

We had a blast! We enjoyed a good meal and then we sang and danced along with the music. We laughed until our sides ached and had so much fun tonight.

Now we are back home and I need to get this journal entry finished. I have pictures to post for you but they may have to wait until later.

We have another adventure waiting for us tomorrow.

For those of you who do not already read the journals of Jesse & Ginger and Speedy & Sherri, I want to give you their websites.

For Ginger & Jesse, http://kram-a-lotinn.blogspot.com/

For Speedy, http://speedysgreatadventure.blogspot.com/

So, dear readers, we will say goodnight. This has been a wonderful day, and we just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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