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Uxmal Ruins

Pyramid at Uxmal

Doug and Sherry at Uxmal

Pyramid Viewed through Mayan Arch

Overlooking Uxmal

Feb. 14 and 15 - From Campeche, our route took us to Uxmal, where we camped in the parking lot os Uxmal Hotel parking lot.

Along the way, we stopped at the ancient ruins at Kabah. Kabah is a much smaller Mayan site, but very interesting. This is one of the sites remaining where people can climb on the ruins. We also walked just a little way from the “main” ruins, to see the Mayan arch across the Mayan road to the sea. Some of this site has been reconstructed, but many of the stones with inscriptions are laid out awaiting reassembly. The magnitude of the job is mind blowing.

At the Uxmal site, we took advantage of the pool at the hotel, and had a lovely dinner in the outdoor restaurant in one of the palm roof buildings called palapas.

Feb. 15th we had a very early tour (8:00 a.m.) of the ruins of Uxmal. The guide, Jerardo, was wonderful. He is a direct descendent of the Mayans. He speaks Mayan, Spanish, German and French. His delivery was delightful and informative. These ruins are so impressive. One difference from the ruins of El Tajiin is, these ruins have interior rooms. No human sacrifices took place at Uxmal. A very enjoyable tour.

After the tour, on to Merida. Here we were treated to a lovely Mayan dinner. Lots of fun.

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