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Uxmal Main Pyramid


Ball Court

Governor's Palace

We took a group tour of the ruins at Uxmal early in the morning, to try to escape the heat.

It continues to amaze me the extent and size of the work the Mayans did. These ruins are the top of at least 3 levels of construction. In addition, they are precisely arranged to track the sun and the seasons. Finally, many are constructed in exact rectangles, and the sound across the grounds is very clear.

As we walked, our Mayan guide shared his philosophy with us, as well. He supports the notion that all cultures have their god, only the name changes but the spirit stays the same. He also talked about the current day Mayan people, who have had to live through centuries of invasion and domination, and are still fiercely independent, but also proud Mexicans.

The Governor's Palace is the structure most obviously built on top of others.

As you stand on the platform you can't help wonder how many rocks were hauled, as it is a huge place elevated well above the apparent base.

As far as the caravan is concerned, it appears we have sort of hit a wall. There is quite a bit of snarling and snapping at the smallest things. May be fatigue, or heat, but folks will settle back into a civilized group, I hope.

We are in the parking lot of a hotel, literally on the grounds of the ruins. We used the pool, free wi-fi, and had a buffet dinner. The hotel even sent around a man with a wheelbarrow to collect the trash. Pretty posh for a parking lot.

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