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Barb and Syb working together in Syb's kitchen. Two gourmet cooks creating...

I have not mentioned all the fiends and missionaries we have visited along the way, I wanted to share the sum of my thoughts a bit differently on this subject. I don't want to leave anyone or couple out - for each reunion, each encounter, each opportunity to visit, share, deepen the caring and widen the love among friends is the glue of traveling. Where there is a friendship, there is a medicine for life, there is a warm beauty from the heart across the hugs, the history and the commitment of friends.

We have not traveled far on this trip, but in terms of seeing good friends from Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, Second Mesa, Surprise, Apache Junction we have traveled the expanse of a universe.

So, as Barb and I continue to travel, we will share with all of you, our friends, our journey, or experiences, our life journey. We will keep you informed as to the continual beauty of this land we are passing through.

Each day will bring a new thought, a new direction to consider, but each day will also bring the opportunity to visit with friends, old and new.

So thank you all for taking the time to carve out a few hours, a few days to visit, share and relax together. We can not tell you the gift all of you have given us in your friendship, your love, your fellowship.

The partnership of commitment in friendship is a strong traveling bond. The incredible beauty of the landscape pales compared to the absolute beauty of friends for each person has a story and I hope to bring into focus some of those stories of friendships as we travel, visit and share heartbeats together.

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