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“The Class of ‘57 goes to South Padre Island” should be the title of today’s journal.

When we awoke this morning, it was warm enough outdoors but it had rained during the night. The sky was a solid gray overcast with light mist in the air. The humidity was near 100%.

Marilyn put coffee on right away this morning but I didn’t have time for a cup of coffee before getting out to walk with Carl and Jesse.

Carl, Jesse and I walked only two miles before I dropped out to get things done before we left for a trip to South Padre Island.

I hurried back home and put the trash out for pickup, then loaded lawn chairs into the truck. Next was a trip to the Rec Hall to pay for our tour in Mexico next month. They also gave me some paperwork to complete and they need it turned in tomorrow morning, first thing.

Back at the RV, I changed clothing to put on shorts and sandals for our day on the beach.

Rick & Sherry arrived and Rick gave me a hand loading the 12v cooler in the truck.

We drove over to the Motel and waited a little bit for our friends. Everyone seemed excited and ready for an adventure. As we all walked outside to our trusty vehicles, we were delighted to see the bright sunshine peeking out of the clouds, which were quickly breaking up.

We headed east on I-83 then south on I-77 to Hwy 100 east toward South Padre Island. We had hardly begun the journey when the sky cleared and the sunshine took over. Awesome!

Our first stop was “Dirty Al’s” where we were all blown away by the wonderful shrimp, oysters, fish and calamari. It was fabulous!

We left the restaurant by a side door to avoid the long, double line waiting to get in, to eat lunch.

We drove through the busy traffic, to beach access #5, where we paid the $3.00 fee, loaded everyone in the back of our truck, and drove through the deep, soft sand. We used the 4 wheel drive to drive along the beach until we discovered a wide area of sand where we were the only people within many yards.

We walked in the sand and waded in the surf, spending quite a bit of time sitting in our lawn chairs enjoying the sun and the sounds of the surf.

I took a lot of heat for having only nine chairs when there were ten people. Grrrr… How could I do that!

It was OK because it seemed that one or more of us was constantly up walking around, but the chair situation was My Bad.

After two hours or so of wind, sun and surf, we loaded up and headed back toward the exit from the beach. We stopped long enough to help push a car out of the sand.

One more stop at the seafood market was in order on the way home.

We took the back roads to drive back to Weslaco, stopping at “Fat Daddy’s” for a sandwich for dinner.

Finally, back at our RV, Rick & Sherry came in and picked out some movies to watch, I took a shower and put on my P.J.’s, and now we are settled down to watch a little TV. That is after I finish this journal entry, anyway.

We have pictures to post for you and another busy day tomorrow.

Now, it is time to relax and allow this wonderful day to fade slowly to a close.

Wow, I just can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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