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Ok so today was a good day. In fact it's been an amazing few days.

After leaving the national park I wrote to the volunteer organisation asking for my money back, and of course got no response on Friday. Which meant I had to wait until Monday to speak to them.

Stayed at the backackers in Manuel Antonio for the weekend and had a blast. Met some awesome people at the hostel including an Aussie, Justin and 3 Argentinians, Ariel, Debi and Flor. We had a ball. Saturday was valentines day so the 5 of us went out to dinner and then went back to the hostel where the 30 odd people staying there partied in the name of love. :) This continued at about 1am when we decided to go for a walk and found a house party that the owner invited us in to. There was only about 10 of us still going at this point, and it was the most amazing house I've even seen. Fun times. We were the last to leave the party and the only guests who ended up in the pool. I guess that's what a bottle of wine and half a bottle of vodka (each) does to you.

Justin has a car and is driving north to Guatemala. Sunday he was driving just an hour north to go to the party of a friend. I decided to go along for the ride, as did Cecil (Switzerland) and Svenja (Germany). Went to the party Sunday night which was on the roof of an apartment building. Also fun times.

And today is my good news day. I called the organisation and I guess my email worked because they are refunding my money. I'm stoked; I didn't think I had much of a chance. The only thing is that I have to go to San Jose to get it, but that's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. It's about 2 hours away. I also spoke to MBF Travel Insurance today because 3 days ago I chipped my tooth eating popcorn (i don't know how that happens but it does) and it's a pretty decent size break so I want to get it fixed before it gets worse. Lucky it was here because Costa Rica has great detal. Anyway MBF is covering it so tomorrow I have a dentist appointment in the morning and then I will go to San Jose with Justin and get my money back. And then we start the drive to Guatemala!

This whole situation just proved my theory about everything happening for a reason; if I ended up working in the park I wouldn't have found these great people and someone to travel with. Maybe I would have met others later on but I'm happy with how things have worked out.

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