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Wind on Lago Nahuel Huapi

Another view of Lago Nahuel Huapi

Our favorite chocolate store

Waiting for the gondola to open at Cerro Catedral ski area

View of Lago Nahuel Huapi from Cerro Catedral ski area

Refugio Frey and Laguna Tonchek

The trail in the forest from Refugio Frey

Fuschia on Cerro Catedral hike

Taique on Cerro Tronador hike

Me at the end of the trail. Watch out for avalanches!

Hi everyone,

I´m in San Carlos de Bariloche and I can´t believe how windy it is. I know I expected wind but this is ridiculous.

But, first I´ll back up to the beginning. I arrived in Buenos Aires (and so did my luggage) on Saturday. It´s hot and humid there. I went to a Tango show Saturday night. I hung out with 4 guys from Chicago. They are working for 3 weeks, telecommunications company. The meal was excellent, and the show was terrific. For all you meat eaters, the beef is fantastic here.

I´m somewhat jet lagged, there being a 6 hour difference from San Diego. I know, I know, doesn´t seem like it should be that far, but check your maps. I slept in Sunday then took a walk and then a city tour. Buenos Aires buildings remind me of Paris. The city tour gave me an overview of the different neighborhoods. I think greater B.A. has 8 million people.

The Spanish here is Castillian (spelling?) with some Italian thrown in. They always say "Ciao" instead of "Adios". It´s confusing me.

Sunday night I met the group and we went out to dinner for, guess what, steak!

Today we flew from B.A. here. We´ve been walking around town. The buildings here are very Swiss looking. Alot of Swiss and Germans settled here. There´s a chocolate shop on every corner. There is a major ski resort here, and lots of adventurous stuff to do. Since it´s cold, I´m not going to do whitewater rafting or zipline or canyoneering. We decided to hike both Tuesday & Wednesday. On Wednesday we will go to Mt. Tronador, the highest mountain nearby. We will hike to the glacier fields only.

Guess what? I´m the only American in the group. There is 1 Canadian, 1 British, 1 Dane, 5 Australians, 1 Swiss, and 2 Germans that haven´t shown up yet. The time difference from Switzerland is only 3 hours! And this group likes wine & beer.

Well that´s all for now. I´ll check in again in a few days.

I haven´t figured out how to upload photos yet.


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