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First repell spot

Inching my way down





I made it!!

2nd repell start point



2nd repell

2nd repell

View of the waterfall I repelled down first

View of the canyon on the way out

Today I went repelling off two very high cliffs!! It was a hike that you had to repel down from. The first one was the starter repel which was super scary. On the way down I saw a nest with two eggs in it! So cool! The second was really advanced and alot more challenging and not to mention super scary!! I cant believe I actually did it! The second one I liked the most because it was more challenging and I got to jump off the rocks like you see in the movies. They might as well hire me as a stunt devil! lol. The tour guide was at the bottom of the river to catch us in a boat. I was mentally and physically exhausted after we were done. Super cool and well worth the adventure!

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