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Lands end from the pacific side

Sunset on the Pacific

Another gorgeous day in Cabo. We did a little shopping at a new mall, but didn't get down to down town Cabo. Too hard to park down there, and not too safe to leave vehicles. At least that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

We went on a sunset dinner cruise last night, and had a really great time. When I thought "dinner cruise" I was thinking far less informal than it turned out to be. I broke out a nice pair of chinos, a new shirt and so on. Silly me!

The cruise turned out to be part whale watching, part sight seeing, part drinking, part dinner, part partying. Come to think about it, that's about what it should have been!

The whale watching was amazing. Not as close up as the Guerrero Negro trip, but memorable. A whale breached about 25 yards away. Looked just like the film I've seen of killer whales performing for tourists. He went straight up out of the water, about three quarters of his body length, twisting, and fell back into the water with a great splash. Beautiful! Where was my camera? In the camera bag of course. Well, at least I saw it.

There was a mini pod of three playing around the boat for about twenty minutes. I think that wasn't too common, since the cruise director seemed to get really excited by what we were seeing. Also seemed pretty genuine, though he could be in line for an Academy Award.

As we finished off the cruise, we went around into the Pacific (The whales were on the Sea of Cortez side), the wind came up, and it got a bit cool, but as the sun went down, the shadows on lands end got really interesting, and there were enough clouds to make for a really pretty sunset.

Sea gulls everywhere. They followed the boat. I suspect the crew deliberately throws food overboard to keep them around for atmosphere, and it worked. I spent about 20 minutes getting a picture. I hhink the result was worth it.

Off tomorrow to Cd Constitution. I'll be our longest day - 240 miles, but it's also on roads we have been over before. We're on the way back! Mixed feelings!

Chuck & Jan

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