Winter Escape to Yucatan travel blog

The wind stayed mild during the night, so I was up early to try to finish washing the RV. But, the campground staff was not around, and the water pump was off, so no pressure. We watched the caravan wander out, and were just about to follow when I got a call on the CB that a unit that had just left had been sideswiped by a truck, and the driver’s side mirror was gone. We relayed the message to the Tailgunner, and headed out.

This trip was mostly on toll road. We questioned the purpose of the toll, since the road was in very poor condition. The landscape was rolling, with crops planted along the way, but with little else to see.

We arrived in the neighborhood of camp about 4. The entrance required us to make a u-turn (retourno) and pull off the right shoulder and wait for the unit ahead to enter the alley to camp. We sat for quite awhile, and finally were invited in. The alley descended past a few homes, down to a ditch where the Wagonmaster was waiting. It seemed that the area where the caravan was to park was now a junk yard, and we were going to use the parking lot for a private swimming park. This involved very tight parking, with our access going around a building between it and a tree.

When in place, I stopped and got out to setup, only to step on a hill of fire ants. They took offense, and I was soon doing a different version of the Mexican 2 step. Sandals full of ants proved hard to clean, and both feet and legs got thoroughly chewed upon. Interestingly enough, the bites burned at the time, but there was no residual discomfort once the ants were gone. I got out our gallon of bug spray, and made sure the ants would not threaten Linda or Corky.

In the meantime, the rest of the group straggled in, and the locals at the pool started to leave wondering why their parking lot was full of gringos. Eventually, we had a social, and determined that the majority did not want to stay the next day, as scheduled, since the following destination was on a lovely beach just a short drive up the road.

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