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Tokyo - offerings of sake barrels at Meiji Shrine

Tokyo - Meiji Shrine

Tokyo - Tsukiji fish market tuna auction

Tokyo - wholesale fish market

Tokyo - yummy

Spent 3 days in Tokyo exploring the neighborhoods (Shinjuku, Akihabara, Shibuya, Okibukero, Ginza), Meiji shrine and getting our last fixes of favorite foods.

Something neither of us had done before was to visit the famous Tokyo fish market. So, although this required getting up at 4am to arrive before the tuna auction finished at 6am, we both found it well worth the sleep deprivation. The market was pure (ordered) chaos with lots of restaurant owners shopping for their daily specials. The variety and quality of the seafood confirms why the eating is so damn good here!

Overall, we had a fantastic visit to Japan. It was like a vacation from our travels because it was so familiar, we could easily communicate and everything was comparitively clean, quiet and orderly.

We've agreed we want to come back for a longer visit in a few more years.

As an afterthought (John here) - it is very difficult to describe how it feels to be back here. Japan was a big part of my life for so long, and it has been very interesting to be back after such a long time away. If you want me to try and explain how it feels, ask me one day when you see me.

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