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Mario’s – Guerrero Negro – February 3, 2008

We are back on the ocean front today at “Black Warrior”, where we will go whale watching tomorrow. Another group in the campground went today, and said they had a great time. The grey whales come so close to the boats they could pet them!!

Anyway, a before breakfast start again, and then a stop a couple of hours down the road we stopped for brunch at a little restaurant. A great breakfast, even for a non-breakfast eater. Scrambled eggs with sausages added, and some kind of spice that was good without being overpowering. Seems like every meal includes beans, and they were present for brunch, as well as a salad and hot tortillas. Lots of coffee.

Fairly long day, with no gas! We had been warned, and I thought we could make it. Even so, I had a couple of gallons in a can, thanks to Martin and Joyce, our Desert Hot Springs friends. I put the gas in, but probably could have done without. No need to fret about it though, so good deal.

We are in Mario’s campground – full hook-ups, but the voltage is down to just over 100, and the water pressure is very low. Showers are still in process of being rebuilt – for about a year – and there is no hot water, just “cool”. Think I’ll just shower in the trailer. Water quality is also questionable, so will stick to bottled water for drinking, cooking and coffee.

I mentioned the very narrow road earlier, and saw a result of that today. A truck pulling a wide wheelbase trailer looked like he put a wheel over the edge, and tore it off! Not performance.

With the narrow roads, and a caravan of 13 vehicles, you can probably imagine the problems people have passing us. In Mexico, probably because of the roads, they help one another to pass by flipping on the left turn signal when it is safe to pass. I have some reservations about telling someone to pass, then not giving him enough room, but am beginning to get the hang of it. We have the added advantage of the CB’s. Our lead guy can send word back that the roads are clear, so we can signal people to pass. Works great.

We have so far passed through three military checkpoints. All smooth, though still a bit disconcerting to see full battle dress, and automatic weapons. They are in the background while the soldier checking us through is in more “peaceful” dress. All have been extremely friendly, and smile and wish us “Buenos Dios”, then just wave us through. I have heard that the new Mexican president has vowed to put the drug groups out of business, so I guess this is a way of making transporting of illegal cargos harder.

Except for the few miles of four lane toll roads, I have not seen a speed limit over 80 kph (and I wouldn’t want to travel any faster!) and many down to 60. They use traffic calming measure called topes. They are just speed bumps, particularly in towns, and before dangerous curves and such. There will be a series of quite small bumps in the road, then a more serious one. They definitely do work!

As always, the landscape is fascinating. One valley will have a huge selection of cacti, then over a range of mountains, and just low growing shrubs. One of the more interesting features was a valley full of huge boulders. Another area had large hills (for want of a better description), made of massive boulders. It would be interesting to know what sort of geological events formed them. Janet suggested earthquakes, and then the natural weathering process. Sounds like a good explanation. We have a couple of books about the Baja, and I might get to researching them.

We just enjoyed a very fine dinner at the restaurant attached to the campground – or is it a campground attached to the restaurant – of seafood. A lobster tail, four or five large shrimp, scallops, a fillet of grouper, a scoop of rice, and a baked potato. A huge meal, and I have to admit I wolfed it down. Delicioso!!

Mario does offer wifi, but when I tried to log on, very low signal strength, and one mb/sec signal. Couldn’t log on, so the update of the blog will have to wait again. I may try again tomorrow morning. Fingers Crossed.

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