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Ajua drinks. The most we ever saw was 3 stacked on top...

Mayan Dancers


Pouring Amaretto on my pecan carrot cake

Roger could spin this tray of drinks on his head.

Preparing my steak

Mexican tap dancer


We traveled into Playa again to go to AJUA. What a great restaurant. The staff are friendly, attentive and entertaining.

OMG, I can't believe that is all he wrote about AJUA, pronounces AAAWHHHOOOAAAA. It is what you are yellng by the time you leave the restaurant.

It was the most fun we've ever had at a restaurant. The waiters deliver all drinks on their heads, including bottles of wine. The smoking section is upstairs, and they walk up the stairs with the drinks on their head.

The real cesaer salad was made at the table, as was about half of our food. They flambe almost anything. My filet mignon with roquefort and mushrooms was flambed at the table. Desserts were almost all flambed at the table - we have a picture of them flambe-ing my pecan carrot cake. One guy stood on a step ladder holding 2 gravy boats which they had heated. The next guy held 2 gravy boats up high, and the last waiter held 2 gravy boats to ensure that the flaming amaretto made it on to the cake. Theh top guy started pouring flaming amaretto from one to the other gravy boats, and then a whole stream was going down. AMAZING.

On top of "the food entertainment" there was a great mexican band that played mexican music in a contemporary way. They had a dance floor, and people were up and dancing. When the band took a break, they would let buskers in to entertain. We saw a Mexican tap dancer and Mayan dancers.

By the end of the second night we were given a free round of drinks. We spent 3 hours each night, and had a blast the whole 6 hours.

Ajua Maya, 984-873-2523


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