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Dining Hall



Dorms on the left


Many of you already know the story of Juan and his seniors. His original house was too small and needed much work. It was also only rented.

Juan was able to purchase a piece of property that had existing buildings but they also needed work. A team came into Mexico and made several improvements and the house was well on its way to completion.

Unfortunately the government and the electric company had a dispute over the overhead wiring location. Juan and his seniors were again forced to move to a rental. The government said that they would try to find property for Juan.

There was a great deal of prayer in Baja and others areas. Juan was truly blessed because the government GAVE Juan a piece of property. A team is now in Vicente Guerrero completing this project.

Juan and his seniors is scheduled to move in March 1.

His new facility will have 4 dorm rooms with 6 beds in each, an office, kitchen, dining hall, storage and an office that can be used as a nursery or for doctors' visits.

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