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Dry Falls State Park

Dry Falls notice small dots in water are people fishing

Dry Falls notice the ripples on the side of the gorge that...

Campsite at Pier Four Moses Lake

Well we took off a day early on Tuesday at around 4:30 pm we just got too antsy to spend another night. Everything went great we made it to Peachland and had dinner at the A&W mainly because it was the easiest place for me to pull over. Then headed down and we saw so many deer in the fields it was just gorgeous. We made it to the Husky Station in Osoyoos and realized our passports were locked in a cupboard we couldn't get to unless we let the slides out DAH!!!

So we pulled into the Husky where there was a bunch of semi's parked at the back along with one motorhome that's how we decided it was okay for us park there as well. You won't believe it but it only took me 6 tries to realize I just wasn't going to move this thing the right way. It's funny but I only know how to go foward in it very strange! Brian got in and backed it up in two tries!! Show off!! So we spent the night there we were surprised at how great of a sleep we got I think we were both really tired by then.

We got up at about 8:00 and had breakfast at the Husky it was really good! Brian had a great time with the server she was fantastic the faster he dished it out she dished it right back again. It gave me time to read the paper. She started our morning off with just a great time she had many a story to tell!

We arrived at the border and the guy told me to pull over and turn left because they would would have to inspect the trailer. OKay!! doesn't sound like rock science but NO!!! what did I do I pull up and made the wrong left and ended up heading back through the Canadian border of course I didn't want to back up because as I said this thing won't go backwards for me. So needless to say I had to go through the Canadian border explain what happened and then he laughed at me and said okay you can go through a special gate just for people like you I WONDER WHAT HE MEANT BY THAT DO YOU THINK HE WAS INSULTING ME?!!

Well needless to say I headed back to the US Border again and of course as I was pulling up the guard who gave me the directions was laughing and he had two more people in the booth with him laughing. I guess I made their day. Anyways the woman inspector who was with him said to me here let me guide you to the spot but please don't run me over (I wonder how she knew what I was thinking!) Anyways we had a good time with her she was so funny telling us all about why she kept her maiden name instead of taking her husbands. It's weird the conversations you get into. Their main concern seemed to be if we were carrying knives okay who doesn't carry knives with them!!! But of course she joked and said the stabbing kind. So after about 1/2 hr with her mostly talking about her life we continued on our way.

We had a beautiful drive all the way to Moses Lake. It was just great weather. We stopped at Dry Falls State Park, if you want a fantastic place to stay try their State Park it looked great. We also found out that the lake that is there gets stocked with the biggest fish you can image, we saw several people reeling in fish. We went to the Visitors Info Centre and watched a video of Dry Falls it was really good. It's the story behind the creation of the falls that makes it a place to see. Dry Falls has a rim that is only 1.6 KM long, and it drops 12 metres. The story begins with a tongue of ice from a continental glacier pushing out of Canada. It plugged the Clark Fork River with a thick dam of ice. The water behind the dam spread back into Glacial Lake Missoula, which rose 600 metres. When the ponded water got high enough the pressure caused the ice to float.

Immediately, all twenty five hundred cubic kilometers of water in the lake headed across the landscape in a giant flood. On the way it ripped and tore at the layers of basalt, tearing huge chunks from their beds and tumbling them along like battering rams. Researchers suggest that the water speeds were up to 100 kmpm. Mere earth and gravels were no obstacles and these moved great distances, settling out wherever the speed of water slowed sufficiently. The rapidly eroding water cut deep gorges or canyons, called coulees in the country where the falls was created. The area stripped of its topsoil and gouged and scoured is called the scablands of Washington.

Ahead of the raging flood was the narrow Wallula Gap, which was only large enough to handle one-fifth of the flow. Behind it, water flooded back into valleys until it was more than 180 metres deep. It is estimated that the ice dam event repeated between 40 - 60 times, as learned by looking at the number of different sediments created in these valleys.

Just upstream from Dry Falls, another waterfall was likely 250 metres high, but the rushing waters cut through the hill and turned the high falls into a cascade of rapids. We observed ripple marks in the sand in the rivers and on the beaches. The highway leading through this area has a set of switchbacks where the highway climbs over these ripple deposits. Dry Falls State Park provides the viewing area for Dry Falls. The bottom of Coulee was dry for centuries, but now there are pools of water that accumulate from seepage through the rock from a reservoir that hs been created above the falls. A look across the coulee shows you the width of the gorge that the raging waters cut from the plateau.

So there is your history lesson for today!!

We left there and headed to Pier 4 in Moses Lake where we are staying for three nights. The campground is a Coast and is very nice not too fancy but clean and the people are very friendly. We decided on a pull-thru to make things a little easier. I was able to pull-thru on the first try YAHOO!! We were set up and sitting down for a cooler within 1/2 hr not bad for the first time.

Tomorrow we are going to Lake Lenore Caves and the Grand Coulee Dam we have to back track a bit but I wanted to spend a little bit of time at the two places and it was getting later in the day so we decided to drive straight to Moses then go back it's not that far.

Well that is our adventure so far will try and update as often as we can. Just want to give a big thank you and hugs to everyone for the farewells. Stay in touch we would love to hear from all of you. I will add pictures at a later date the wifi here times out everytime I try to add pictures.

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